Update Prayer List December 2, 2022
PRAY For Health -Cancer
Willie Stokes
Allen Ward
Bentley Henderson
Mattie Bishop
Randy Daniel
Sue Elliott
Janice Hughes
Jimmy Parrish
Roger Gilbreath
Auston Criselle
Ed Townsend
Anita Creel
Leigh-Ann Hicks May 
Richard Elliott
Alana Wright Callway
JJ Zeedar
Patsy Martin
Donnie Aderholt
Carolyn Riddle Rouyer
Keith Rowe
Nicole B. Hutchenson
Sheilah Herron              
Jerry Thorn                     
Pat Thorn                        
Health-General concerns
Sharon Cagle
Bill Tittle
Lana Flannagin
Vicki Logan
Keith Tombllin
Vickie Logan
Greg Jackson
Vicky Perry
Laronda Seymour
Chris Smith
Pat Lyons
Cameron Lyons
Riley and Gracie Pruitt’s Son Luke
Dey Riddle
Jon Gaither
Danny Mc Spadden
Gail Cagle
Derek Letson
Scott Sumner, Russell’s son
Tonya Gnter
Bobby Ayres (Rose Mary’s  Uncle)
Ronald  & Jan Webb
James Nelson’s Grandfather
Rhonda  B. Lanier
Coy Martin
Sharon Cagle
Betty White
 Elewese Taylor
Louie Galey
Tim Cockrell
 Mark Hill
Drake Cleghorn
Katelyn Kelley
Cynthia Carter
Donna Elkins
Jenni Hood
Joan Norris
Janice Courington
Sam Taylor
Georganna Comeens
Peggy Patterson
Tim Mullican
Johnnie  Nix
Berty Crowl, Sharon Cagle’s, Aunt
COVID N Related     Sickness
Nursing Home
Becky Wallace Lolley
Annie Murpy
Kathrine Cole
CD Shedd
Lorene Cagle
Jean West
Junior Nix
Pam Treece
Les Garrison
Mrs. Wade, Jack’s Mom
Our Leaders, and loved ones in the Military
All Troops
 Jerome Overton
Tucker Wallace
 Kadi Bonds
 Greg Frazier, JR
 Matthew Frazier
 Derek Comeens
 Blake Ward
Toby Smith
Seth Ward
James Martin
Max Taylor
Ryan Deetman
David Thomas
Tanisha Stromatt
Murray Gale Brewer
 Peace and Comfort




If you would like to join a Prayer group and be able to post your prayer request as needed,

FBCDS is starting a GROUP ME Prayer List.


You will need to download the Group Me app on your phone.

This app will allow you to post your prayer request or

 praise reports for the group members to see.   

  You can set the  NOTIFICATIONS  to alert you when  a  request has been made

or you can turn it off and check it  during your  designated prayer time.

  This group will not be limited to only FBCDS members. 

There are a lot of people that are involved in various other prayer list

and we hope that they will join as well.   

This is just another way for our church family and community

to be able to pray for the needs of our families and community.